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Linking Policy and Copyrights

The following applies to the contents of OCCTO's website. Websites linked to this website are therefore not subject to the following conditions.


All constituent elements of the site, such as text, photos, illustrations and statistics materials, are subject to copyright. This copyright is protected by the Copyright Act and international treaties.

The information (called "contents" as follows.) that is released on the website of OCCTO can be freely used, but the source of the contents must be mentioned at the use. In addition, the editing or processing added to the contents must be mentioned in such case as well as mentioning the sources.


OCCTO takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of information available on this website. However, OCCTO assumes no responsibility for consequences and damages arising in connection with the use of any of the information available on this website.

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In principle, users are free to create links to information on the Website. However, the website slanders OCCTO and link from the website interferes with OCCTO are not accepted. The use of OCCTO logo is prohibited in the link setting. The link can be set on a page other than top page; however, note that the URL of the page may be changed becaues of the modification.

When you set the link, please email us " " the URL of website.


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