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Consultation and Dispute Resolution

 OCCTO's Dispute Resolution Office accepts consultations and complaints about transmission and distribution businesses from *”Electricity Suppliers” and also provides the unit **”The Dispute Resolution Panel” to perform the mediation/conciliation between Electricity Suppliers.

 The mediation/conciliation procedure of OCCTO is available for Electricity Suppliers.

 The mediation procedure respects the compromise between parties and the settlement proposal is not necessary to be presented. When the party needs a conciliation proposal by The Dispute Resolution Panel during the mediation procedure, the conciliation procedure will be started. The mediation/conciliation procedures are not disclosed. Also, any information that Dispute Resolution Office obtained will not be provided to other departments without any consent from you.

* “Electricity Suppliers” are defined as “other persons who supply electricity” in Electricity Business Act and listed below:

**The Dispute Resolution PanelPDF(16KB)