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Greetings from President

 The Organization for Cross-Regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO) was established in April 2015 and has been performing its duties in accordance with the purposes for which it was established: namely, to maintain a stable supply of electricity and render power supply systems as efficient as possible from a neutral and impartial position.

 I am cognizant of the weight of what my position entails as I take over as the president of this organization.

 With the tightening of electricity supply and demand in last winter, we continue to be beset by circumstances that call on us to fulfill our roles as an organization to an even greater extent than ever before. We should revisit the purposes for which we were established and work even harder to fulfill them.

 In addition, accommodating the growing adoption of renewable energy is also an urgent matter to be addressed. As well as dealing with balancing capacity matters and other issues, we have taken on new operations related to the Act on Renewable Energy Special Measures in accordance with the Act for Establishing Energy Supply Resilience, which was enacted in June 2020. We will focus on these operations while keeping the government’s goals in mind.

 All board and staff members of this organization will strive further to support Japan’s electric power system today, fulfill our important roles for tomorrow, and live up to expectations.

 I respectfully ask for your continued support and encouragement.

April 2021

Tsutomu Oyama

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